The Team

Below you can find a roster of the current and former Amethyst Foundation volunteers. As we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we have a bit more formal governing structure than a typical open-source project.


Trusted Contributors

This is someone who has regularly contributed to the codebase, and has been recognized by being given additional access to repos and/or Discord and Discourse. This is the first step towards becoming a Member.

  • Nolan
  • CBenoit


Once someone has contributed for a few months, they can apply to become a full Member of the Amethyst Foundation if they wish. This comes with additional access to the various repos, as well as placement on one of the teams.

Documentation Team

  • Doomy
  • Azriel

Rendering Team

  • Frizi
  • Jaynus
  • Fusha
  • Viral

UI Team

  • Jojolepro
  • Happenslol

Network Team

  • Timon
  • Jstnlef

Scripting Team

  • Moxinilian
  • Khionu

Editor Team

  • RandomPoison


  • Kel

Assets Team

  • Kae

Audio Team

  • No one, yet!

Tools Team

  • No one, yet!

ECS/Specs Team

  • Torkleyy

Platform Team

  • No one, yet!

Community Team

  • Khionu
  • Erlend

Showcase Team

  • Erlend
  • Abovegame


These people are the equivalent of C-level officers in a for-profit corporation. They have oversight over the day-to-day operations of the organization, and are responsible for implementing the strategy set by the Board.

Technical Director

  • Torkleyy
  • Lucio

Outreach Director

  • Erlend

Executive Director

  • Fletcher

Board of Directors

This is the highest governing body of the organization from a legal standpoint. They are elected once a year, and set long-term, strategic goals for the organization.

  • Erlend
  • Moxinilian
  • Torkleyy
  • Lucio
  • Fletcher