Amethyst Roadmap 2021 🧰


2021 Update notice.

The Legion ECS port is still going on, but most of the engine has been ported, we are going to go through bug fixes, adding polish, and looking into bigger documentation changes.

Organization changes

In conjunction with the 0.16 public launch, we are going to make some announcements about changes in the organization structure, and our new plans going forward.

New Amethyst Engine Roadmap

After the 0.16 public launch, we are going to open up an extensive chat on the forums about a new path forward for the Engine, such as:

  • New Engine Release Criteria (Sutch as no extreme size changes in one update)
  • New ease of use targets (Compile times, Development iteration speed)
  • Rendy & Rendering
  • Platforms
  • Modularity & Abstractions

Web Updates

We have some changes that will go along with 0.16:

  • gets a new design.
  • Forums will also share the updated design.
  • Streamlined Documentation Experience.