Showcase game #5: Dwarf Seeks Fortune

Published on Aug 29th 2020 by Erlend Sogge Heggen

Courtesy of @jazarro we proudly announce our 5th showcase game, Dwarf Seeks Fortune! It's a 2D puzzle platformer, and an homage to the 1988 classic King's Valley II.

Gameplay Screenshot


You're a dwarf, digging through the ancient ruins of your ancestors. Each level presents a different puzzle. The aim is to collect all keys, after which the door to the next level is unlocked. Puzzle elements include one-time-use tools that must be picked up and used in a specific order at specific locations.

Gameplay Gif

This project aims to be a helpful resource for people learning Amethyst. Code should ideally be thoroughly documented and easy to understand. It should be kept up to date with the latest version of Amethyst and should follow best practices.


  • In-game level editor. Allows for rapid iteration when designing levels.
  • Derpy movement mechanics akin to those of the game this is based on. This game purposely refrains from using a full physics simulation, opting instead for predictable grid-based movements suitable for a puzzle game.
  • Multiple playable levels.
  • Sound effects and music.
  • Time rewinding mechanic to help fix mistakes when solving the puzzles. Might be removed if it proves superfluous or reductive to the experience. For now, it serves as a handy debugging tool.

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