Showcase game #4: Grumpy Visitors

Published on Oct 24th 2019 by Erlend Sogge Heggen

Courtesy of @mvlabat (also, we proudly announce our 4th showcase game, Grumpy Visitors! It's a top-down 2D action arcade game, highly inspired by an old classic called Evil Invasion.

The game already boasts quite a few features, one of which is multiplayer support. @mvlabat has been an immense help to the Amethyst networking team by providing a real world test case. A lot of credit goes to Vladyslav for informing our recent network rewrite alongside several improvements to Laminar.

Current game features

  • Multiplayer
  • Casting a spell (homing missile red dot)
  • Spawning monsters
  • Monster AI (actually just randomly walking around the map and starting to chase a player if they're close enough)
  • Character moving
  • Sprite animations
  • Custom shaders (health HUD)
  • Menu states and transitions

Planned features

  • Campaign and survival modes
  • Character development system with persistent progress between levels
  • Co-op multiplayer (up to 4? players)

Getting involved

If this sounds like a project you might be interested in contributing to, here's how to get started.

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