Roguelike Tutorial and bracket-lib joins Amethyst

Published on Feb 23rd 2021 by Erlend Sogge Heggen

We are thrilled to announce our most recent partnership: Herbert "TheBracket" has moved his esteemed Rust Roguelike Tutorial and associated bracket-lib into the Amethyst organisation.

Herbert will continue to lead & maintain these projects just like before, while we will assist with general project infrastructure such as webdev, promotion and community management.

Rust Roguelike Tutorial

More of an epic tome than mere tutorial, the RRT contains a whopping 74 chapters detailing the creation of a roguelike game, made with Rust, Specs and bracket-lib. It's an outstanding resources for anyone new to Rust game development as well as Entity Component Systems. As such it is a great place to start before delving into something more advanced like the Amethyst Engine.

Part of how this partnership came about was because we connected Herbert with the fine folks at PragProg, having recognized that his work on RRT would be of interest to our contact there. Fast-forward to today, the book is now available for purchase in beta form!

📖 Book:

Amethyst does not receive any profits from the book; our only interest in this partnership is to promote high quality content that is aligned with our mission.


Developed in tandem with the RRT, bracket-lib is a comprehensive bundle of utility libraries for the development of text-based ascii games. It's an excellent way to quickly prototype an early game concept without any art assets needed, which is exactly how the game Shotcaller was made.

The number of features in bracket-lib is quite staggering. A few examples:

A-Star pathing and mouse control

Post Process Effects

Dwarf Fortress-style 3D maps

...and it all runs smoothly in the browser!

To support Herbert's ongoing work in the space of Rust gamedev education, please support him on or buy his excellent book.