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Activity Report - July 2019

v0.12 quietly released; New showcase game; 2D Quickstarter. This and more happened during the last moon cycle in Amethyst land.

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Space Menace joins Amethyst Showcase

A 2d action platformer called Space Menace is partnering with Amethyst to become an official showcase project.

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New tools for 2D game development

2D game development in Amethyst just got much easier thanks to the introduction of a "2D starter" for quick project setup and the Sheep spritesheet packer.

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Amethyst 0.11.0 has been released!

The Amethyst team is happy to announce Amethyst 0.11.0. This release comes with the Rendy integration & many small additions throughout the engine.

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Pride Essay for Amethyst community

In light of Amethyst's participation in the celebration of Pride month, we share this essay to clarify our stance.

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Evoli - an official Amethyst showcase game

Evoli, the first of many Amethyst showcase games to come, has now finished v0.1.0, our "MVP" release. In light of this stability milestone we're better prepared than ever to engage with anyone looking to experiment with an example Amethyst game following best practices (aspirationally).

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Amethyst receives Mozilla grant for WASM development

Rust game engine Amethyst has received a grant of $10,000 from Mozilla's MOSS program, for the purpose of supporting WebAssembly development.

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Amethyst 0.10.0 has been released!

The Amethyst team is happy to announce Amethyst 0.10.0. This release includes a migration to nalgebra, an automated test framework, and many other improvements.

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Amethyst Foundation Created

The Amethyst team has some special announcements. A non-profit foundation has been formed and a new community forums site has been created.

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