Amethyst Branding Guidelines

How to incorporate the Amethyst brand into your content

What is This Page?

This page is useful for anyone looking to use Amethyst assets for purposes such as featuring our logo in a news publication or for someone who simply wants to design something that needs to follow Amethyst's branding guidelines.

General Rules

We want to make it as easy as we can for you to showcase the Amethyst brand in your content. However, in order to prevent misuse and guarantee the consistency of our brand, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Amethyst should always be typed out with a capital A and lowercase letters for the rest. Examples of how not to style the name are amethyst, AMETHYST and AmEtHySt.
  • When using the Amethyst brand, you must make it very clear you are not affiliated with the Amethyst Foundation or any of its products. For example, disambiguation can take the form of a visible disclaimer, or mentioning Amethyst as a 3rd-party entity. This does not apply if you are working on official Amethyst Foundation content.

The Amethyst Foundation reserves the right to revoke at its own discretion the authorization to use the Amethyst brand in any content. Branding rules can be updated at any time.


The logo is a depiction of the Amethyst brand; therefore please respect the branding guidelines while using it. Usage does not require explicit approval from the Amethyst Foundation as long as you adhere to the requirements below.

Light Backgrounds

On light backgrounds, the standard logo with the Amethyst gradient should be used with transparency in the middle section.

Download the standard logo
Light Backgrounds

Dark Backgrounds

On dark backgrounds, the monochrome white verison of the logo may be used.

Download the white logo
Dark Backgrounds

Any Background

Alternatively, you can also use the standard gradient logo with the middle section filled in with white on any background.

Download the filled logo
Any Background


Deeper Purple #3e1b93
Deep Purple #4f29d0
Mid Purple #7f41ef
Bright Purple #dfadff
Deeper Plum #84286f
Deep Plum #a84a82
Mid Peach #f27ea2
Bright Peach #ffa6a6
Dark #282631
Alternative Dark #2e2a39
Light #ffffff
Alternative Light #fafaff
Error #e56d94
Information #79e0e6
Success #89fb89
Warning #ffeca0


Amethyst(mid-purple - deep-purple)
Wine(deep-plum - mid-purple)
Sunrise(deep-plum - bright-peach)
Sunset(mid-peach - deep-plum)